Thursday, June 01, 2006

Filipino Congressmen with the Most Absences

1. Carlos Cojuangco (Negros Occidental) 39: maybe he's still grieving. Whatever.

2. Carlos Imperial (Albay) 38: the family name sounds familiar but this is the first time I heard of him. Why? Because when it comes to Bicolano representatives, I only care about one guy - Francis Joseph Guevarra Escudero.

3. Gilbert Teodoro (Tarlac) 31: quite disappointing. He was even included in the Asiaweek list of the hope of Philippine politics.

4. Eleuterio Violago (Nueva Ecija) 28: never heard of him.

5. Nereus Acosta (Bukidnon) 24: like Teodoro, he was included in the Asiaweek list.

Other notable absentees are Jackie Enrile a.k.a. the son of Jamby Madrigal's nemesis and Joey Salceda a.k.a. Gloria's fair-haired boy/EVAT proponent.

Notice that you won't find names like Francis Escudero, Allan Peter Cayetano, Darlene Antonino and any member of the Batasan 5?

By the way, if I am not mistaken all of the absentee names I listed above voted to NOT IMPEACH Gloria Arroyo. Hah! The administration puppies are really lazy!


Anonymous said...

FYI Neric Acosta did consistently vote to IMPEACH GMA - in fact inthe second impeachment he was one of the four endorsers of the eighth and only impeachment considered. His absences were due to his official mission as a World Fellow of Yale University in 2004.

The Purple Phoenix said...

yup i know that he consistently voted to impeach the midget. the last statement was a general one. mas marami kasing pro-GMA sa list of absentee congressmen. the problem with the news item that i read was that it gave no reason why the lawmakers were absent unlike the one regarding absentee senators. that's why i even included that he was part of asiaweek's future leader list kasi it's highly improbable that congressman acosta would absent himself for no reasons.

ok na ba explanation?

read my other article regarding congressman acosta in my more recent posts and you'll see that i admire the guy as a politician.