Thursday, June 01, 2006

It’s the Ratio, Stupid

It seems that the Mike Defensor’s birthday wish for Gloria Arroyo will never come true. For those who care to remember, the Superboy(?) hoped that his president’s (?) vaunted temper will cease to explode. Before you can say what the f is that, the Manic Midget detonated first class tirades against Department of Education OIC Fe Hidalgo. Complete with a pang-FAMAS walk-out, the self-proclaimed best leader embarrassed the hapless cabinet member.

The big fuss is about classroom shortage. Hidalgo reported that there is about 6,000+ classroom shortage this coming school year. Since the cabinet meeting was covered by the media (there goes the REAL REASON for the flaring temper), it was the last thing Arroyo wants to hear. Gloria explained that there should be no shortage because she wants a one classroom is to one hundred students (1:100) ratio. On the other hand, Hidalgo maintains that the “ideal” ratio should be 1:45. Later that afternoon, Hidalgo apologized and admitted that she got her data wrong.

If you are a real Filipino, you know very well that the problem of classroom shortage is not only a persisting problem but also an old one. It seems to be as permanent as Gloria’s tooth problem. However, what really bugged me is the ratio that Gloria wants. One classroom is to one hundred students? Is she crazy? How the hell are you going to fit them all room? Well, the Manic Midget declared that it’s going to be a two-shift schedule. I’d say it’s a too shit schedule.

For crying out loud, the 1:45 ratio of Hidalgo is too much already and Gloria is demanding for 1:100. Tell me exactly Madam Cheater; do you want to defy the laws of physics? And do you really care about the country’s educational system?

Several weeks ago, there were reports showing the educational deterioration in the Philippines. It was embarrassing and saddening. With the latest pronouncements of Gloria Arroyo regarding her own “ideal” classroom to student ratio, our educational performance will continue to bring embarrassment and sadness.

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