Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Musings on Erap's 69th Birthday

Sixty-ninth birthday? This must be Erap’s favorite birthday – 69th…

Tito Guingona and Loren Legarda in Estrada’s birthday mass? Who would have thought… interest – I mean – time does heal all political wounds.

This mass has confirmed my suspicion that white blouse and pearl necklace is the official public appearance outfit of Susan Roces.

The last time I saw Susan, Erap, and Loi sitting together (and in that order) was during FPJs eulogy. Déjà vu?

That Bishop Antonio Tobias is something…

And that Cielo Macapagal Salgado is something too. Her appearance in the occasion screams “Take that my LITERALLY little Sister Gloria!” Whenever I see Gloria’s half-sister, I always remember my Philosophy 1 class. There is this philosophical idea in which it says that you will know the idea of something through its opposite. For example, we know the concept of “long” because we know the concept of “short.” In this case, we know Cielo Macapagal Salgado is tall and pretty because Gloria is not.

Isn’t it funny that Erap shares the same birthday with Toting Bunye and Ka Roger Rosal? Birds with the same birthday end up at different points of the political spectrum.

But isn’t it sad that Bunye’s fans were not given the same attention as that of Estrada’s? This critical media is too much… ha! Ha! Ha! Fans? Bunye? LORL: Laughing Out Really Loud.

Wouldn’t it be great if Angelo Reyes attended the mass so that we get to see him pelted with stones by Erap supporters?

And I wonder what the crowd would do to Chavit Singson if they saw him near the church. I bet Jinggoy and JV would take turns in manhandling the Ilokano like a wrestling tag team. And Jude? Sasabunutan niya si Chavit!


G.C. UANAN said...

I was shocked, having watched over the GMA-7's "24 ORAS" Bishop Tobias' apology to ERAP in his Homily on the Eucharistic celebration for ERAP'S birthday. I first read the writing about it and when the news clip was not yet available online I ardently hoped it was just another misquotation by the seemingly sensationalist Philippine media. But when I watched the clip, I was dismayed to hear these words from the Bishop of Novaliches to Erap: "I hope you can forgive the Catholic Church for what happened to you." He reaffirmed such stance by saying on an interview by a reporter of GMA-7 saying, "Nag apologize ako kay former President dahil isang sama ng kanyang loob ay nag-umpisa siya sa politika sa pagsusundot ng simbahan at in the end, ang simbahan din at ito ay ang mga katoliko lalong lalo na ang mga Obispo ang nakapaalis sa kanya." The Bishop should not have apologized on behalf of the entire Catholic Church for I am sure his thoughts are not shared by majority of the Catholic Church. Much more, he could not apologize on behalf of the other Bishops, most of whom issued their own pastoral statements calling for ERAP'S resignation in 2000. The most that he could have said is to ask ERAP'S forgiveness for his "personal participation" in EDSA 2. The Catholic Church Hierarchy (or should i say overwhelming majority of it) went against ERAP after feeling the pulse of the masses. But here is a Bishop apologizing on behalf of the multitudes of Catholics who joined EDSA 2. That is a travesty!!!! I was at EDSA 2 and I do not feel the need to apologize to ERAP. Bishop Tobias cannot apologize for me! Neither can he apologize for the multitudes of Catholics- religious and laity alike who called for ERAP'S resignation.

21 April 2006

The Purple Phoenix said...

Yeah I know. I was also there in EDSA Dos. I think Bishop Tobias should have apologized only for himself if he really felt the need for it. There's no need to apologize for EDSA Dos. I think the only reason why we keep hearing apologies (like Cory and Dinky) is that Gloria blatantly betrayed the promise of EDSA DOS - change. Change for better governance and not Charter Change.

Thanks for the comment.