Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Top Ten Possible Explanations for the Malacanan Bombing

  1. It's just a testing of explosives effect for a new Mikey Arroyo action film.
  2. It's just a leftover fire cracker used in the recent Manny Pacquiao victory party.
  3. It's just a firecracker that Malacanan will use in their victory party for successfully relegating Angelo Reyes as DENR secretary. Take that traitor-in-the-making-again!
  4. It's still a firecracker, this time confiscated ones. The Palace recently ordered that all firecrackers and pyro products be confiscated in order to preempt any EDSA revolt commemoration.
  5. The PSG head is the mastermind of the "bombing." He wants some media attention.
  6. It's part of Mike Arroyo's Valentines gift to Gloria.
  7. A simple dynamite that they were using to destroy all existing "Hello Garci" CDs.
  8. It's a tool use for Virgilio Garcilliano's regular torture as punishment for his highly-comical performance in the Congressional hearings.
  9. It's a tool for Mike Arroyo's regular torture as punishment for being Mike Arroyo.
  10. Actually, it's a nuclear bomb test. It's part of GMA's plan to make the Philippines a first world country by year 2020.

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