Sunday, February 19, 2006

"GMA was just emotional" Huh?!?

Last February 16, Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that Executive Secretary Ermita said that Arroyo was just emotional when she blamed ABSCBN for the ULTRA stampede. I heard what the Imperial Hobbit said. Here's my conclusion 1) she blamed ABSCBN and 2) she was NOT emotional.
How did I come up with such sweeping conclusions? First, she kept on blaming the "organizers of the show." Yup, you read me right - she did not (or could not) say ABSCBN or Lopez Family. Why? I don't know. Maybe she's still afraid.
But the emotional part? Are you kidding me? PGMA has the emotional range of a rock. To say that she showed emotions the same as saying that Mikey Arroyo is the best actor of his generation.
Just got emotional? I'd rather say that she tried really hard to put some emotion in an obviously scripted and/or memorized statement - to no avail.

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