Saturday, February 25, 2006

EDSA 20 Anniversary: Irony, Tyranny, and Bravery

It's ironic that a state national emergency (aka mini martial law) is declared by a non-president on the 20th anniversay of EDSA.
It's ironic that somebody like GMA who was elevated to the presidency through a people power is now the one who's so against it.
It's ironic that the "Garci Generals" are the one talking about the "rule of the law" and "preventing lawlessness" when just a few months ago they helped propel somebody who has a blatant disregard of our constitution - PGMA.
It's ironic that an administration who keeps on insisting that they are under control but still declared a state of national emergency.
It's ironic that they call it a state of NATIONAL emergency when for crying out loud - it only concerns the political survival of Gloria Arroyo. What's so "national" about that?
It's pure tyranny when a certain midget who was casually declared president like a thief in the night has the NERVE to declare a state of national emergency when she did NOT win the elections.
It's pure tyranny when lawyers in the government would twist and turn words in our constitution in order to justify an ambigous declaration of state of national emergency.
It's pure tyranny when rally permits are quickly revoked while protesters are in the middle of their activities.
It's pure tyranny when a bully of a DOJ secretary keeps on threatening opposition members, rallyists, administration critics while he is OBVIOUSLY NOT FIT to be a justice secretary.
But it's bravery when people continue to search and fight for the truth despite the odds thrown to them by an insecure president. It's bravery when people would march in the streets to fight...
and TYRANNY...
because they remain to be real Filipinos. Because this is the spirit of people power. Because this is the Philippines.

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