Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Factory of Gossips

After making "lapse in judgment" fashionable again, PGMA (PGMA as in Pekeng GMA and not President GMA) had come up again with another sound byte - PABRIKA NG CHISMIS, literally translated as Factory of Gossips. I think the Little Lady seems to be looking for a Filipino term for "rumor mill." Why? Because a few days ago, she taught several students that "if you speak English, speak straight English and if you speak Tagalog, speak straight Tagalog."
Going back to the Factory of Gossips, PGMA is saying that it should be all closed down so that we could all move on. So that Philippines will experience its golden economic age. So that our country will become a First World country by year 2020. So that we could become the chosen people of God.
"Close down the factory of gossips" actually means that the opposition should stop criticizing her. This morning 2 por 2 hosts: Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja interviewed THE REAL SUPERBOY Chiz Escudero about PGMA's latest statement. The good-looking lawmaker did not disappoint. In his cool, calm, and collected manner - Chiz said that the gossip factories would closed down by itself if the government would start doing their work.
He added that its actually the administration who creates gossips and not the opposition. Case in point: the Terrible Gozales Duo (Raul and Bert). Who started the coup rumors? Who made those Garci CDs public?
Gossip factories? Tell that to your cabinet members.

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