Thursday, January 26, 2006

Top Ten Probable Reasons Why Mike Defensor is Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's Favorite Guy

1. GMA likes the way Mike wears clothes. Violet ties and gray suits. Very spicy.

2. He performs better than most cabinet members when it comes to interviews. Way better than Norberto Gonzales.

3. GMA has a fetish for men whose name is "Mike."

4. Because of Mike's efficiency as DENR secretary, Enrile is now in GMA's side.

5. GMA knows that this "Defensor" is only a liar and not a loopy lunatic.

6. Some people say that Mike the closest guy to opposition superstar CHIZ ESCUDERO GMA desperately needs a Chiz Escudero.

7. GMA needs somebody young and energetic. Baka tumanda agad si Gloria dahil lagi na lang sina FVR, JDV, Nograles, at Pichay ang kasama niya.

8. GMA loves a guy who has an initiative for action. Remember when Mike made his own Garci audiotape investigation using his own money?

9. GMA is still tickled whenever she remembers the "fire with fire" statement regarding coup rumors.

10. Kamukha ba ni Mike Defensor si Nani Perez?

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