Thursday, January 26, 2006

Prudes in the News and a More Desirable Solution

A certain Congressman Francis L. Nepomuceno from a certain place called Pampanga had proposed a certain prudish act in which he wants the National Telecommunications to revoke the franmchise of Sky Cable because of certain anatomical parts known as breasts and buttocks.
This is not my longest sentence ever, so stop applauding.
I mean - wow- some politicians have time watching the boob tube looking for boobs. Talo pa ako. By the way, the distinguished gentleman from Pampanga is predictably an administration lawmaker.
What's his problem?
Well, according to PDi (01/14/06), it's the Jerry Springer Show and Blind Date.
Okay... was he expecting cute curly haired girls wearing over-ruffled pink dresses bleeting "My Favorite Things?"
As a good Filipino citizen, I'll provide the prude - I mean - good lawmaker shows that need to be eradicated in the face of our beloved earth.
  1. Any show that features a bevy of gyrating girls with irritating "singing voice." Why? Because it's irritating.
  2. Religious shows in which their leaders throw accusations at each other the whole freaking air time.
  3. News programs anchored by broadcasters who seem to be unaware that microphones have long been invented.
  4. Shows in NBN 4.
  5. Over-replayed anime series. Read: Dragonball Z
  6. Chowtime Na!
  7. Shows with stupid titles. Read: most of QTV 11 shows

You don't need to pull out TV shows because they show body parts - you need to pull out shows because they stupefy mankind.

And we also need to eradicate anal retentive and prudish lawmakers.

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