Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Newest Antics of Bayani Fernando

Pink urinals. Pink Fences. MMDA Art. Yellow Lanes. And the moronic Wet Flag.
BF has another new policy. And it's the stupidest thing I've heard in years after the Gloria Arroyo proclaimed that her administration has solved the Fiscal Crisis. How? I have no idea.
What's the new policy? As part of his METRO GWAPO campaign (the name alone will send shivers to your medulla oblongata) he prohibits "sampayan" outside houses. The efficient clothesline is now Fernando's object of wrath.
Personally, I also detest clothes that are being paraded in backyards. But the thing is, you cannot do anything about it because that' s how Filipinos have been drying their clothes. Not everyone can afford a dryer. And using clothesline as a means of drying clothes is very economical and evironment-friendly. You are simply using the Sun's energy, what's wrong with that?
Only BF knows.

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