Friday, February 08, 2008

Partido Lakas Tama

Juan Miguel Zubiri assured that LAKAS-CMD remains a strong party after the De Venecia Debacle. He noted that reforms must be made for a fresh start. There are talks of a possible merger with the bully KAMPI. Rumors are floating that Prospero Pichay will emerge as the new leader of the erstwhile ruling political party.

Welcome to the world of the beleaguered Partido Lakas Tama.

Zubiri must be naïve. Nothing can stop KAMPI now that it has bumped off one of the bigger fishes of its rival camp. The last midterm elections should have been a warning sign for them. The Distinguished Gentleman from Maguindanao should take off his pair of rose-colored glasses more often.

KAMPI is probably the most brazen and power-hungry political party in recent memory since it is the brainchild of She-who-must-be-Removed. Hell… this party is a whacked-job. Moreover, it is also perhaps the funniest political cluster at present.

1.KAMPI stands for Kabalikat ng Masang Pilipino – a major insult to the entire Filipino nation
2.Ronnie Puno serves as its thug leader.
3.Luis Villafuerte is the unofficial mouthpiece.
4.The Arroyo Brothers also known as Spawns of the Midget Empress are its poster boys for reform.
5.Included in their band of noble members are the likes of Amelita Villarosa who admitted that the infamous bribe-in-the-brown-envelope were from the funds of the party.

Unification talks between LAKAS and KAMPI will prove tragic to the former. There will be no alliance but compliance. There will be no merger but murder. There will be no coalition but demolition. The Citadel of Fidel Ramos is facing an uprising. Their next move is critical. Let us wait and see if the tobacco remains lit before the year ends.


mschumey07 said...

I doubt if Lakas will still exist after Kampi forces the merger. They have to get the majority in the house to prevent a Gloria impeachment.

The Purple Phoenix said...

Same sentiments here, Sir.