Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Points to Ponder

It's just the second month of school year and I already exhausted and exasperated because of school work. Add to the fact that I am getting paranoid from all the criticisms Senator Francis Escudero is getting from the blogsphere as well as in the Team Chiz forum.

I understand the reactions of the blogsphere. They make sense. But in our forum? Goodness...some of them are simply unreasonable. That exasperates me. They cannot understand a simple sentence such as, 'I run as an opposition and will remain an opposition.'

Can you understand it? If yes - then good - it shows that the Philippine educational system works.

Chiz will remain loyal with the opposition.

Here's a message from the administrator of Team Chiz regarding the issue.

Manny Villar ran for GO, in the last Senatorial Election, in Short opposition sya . bakit si Jinggoy Ejercito will be voting for Villar bakit hindi sya sinasabihan kumakampi kay GMA.

One of the main reasons bakit iboboto ni Chiz si Villar as Senate President is President Estrada ask him to . Hindi si Chiz gaya ng ibang GO candidates na maka sarili sususunood sya sa mga kasunduan na ginawa ng mga Pinuno ng GO ( Estrada at Binay )

Pimentel never ask Chiz to vote for him. He nevered approached Chiz, in fact si Chiz pa ang lumapit at nagtanong sa kanya ... ang sagot sa kanya di ko alam yan si Jamby ang nagiinitiate ... dyan lang pano mo bobotohin yung tao as Senate President kung di sya makasagot sa sarili nya.

Si Mar ang sabi kay Chiz iboto kahit sino hwag lang si villar... To which Chiz answered ... Di ikaw ang tumakbo sa Senate President ... i will vote for you ...

Chiz was ready to answer all the bad publicity pero pinigilan sya ni President Estrada ... Now is not the time . meron ba sa inyo nagduda na di kayang sagutin ni chiz ang mga kinakalat na bad publicity sa kanya ?

In time Chiz will answer this ... and there are a lot more reasons but i can not elaborate them without destroying the credibility of other GO candidates

Chiz is with the opposition and will remain with the opposition while GMA is seated in Malacanang.

If you tie this up to the article of Billy Esposo it fits perfectly well.

Points to Ponder
1. Why are Panfilo Lacson, Manuel Villar, and Mar Roxas ripping the opposition apart?
2. What is the reason of Jamby Madrigal for pushing a Pimentel presidency?
3. Why did Roxas decided to abandon his desire to run as senate president?
4. What is the agreement between Villar, Estrada, and Mayor Binay?

I have four more papers that is due next week. I just have to remind everyone that this is not the only issue worth blogging.

Bossi is still missing. The MILF is in a rampage. The Human Security Act will start its own rampage. And Paris Hilton is free again to inspire havoc.


mschumey07 said...

Hi Jowana,

I received an email from Leah Navarro regarding Chiz's explanation. But Alan Peter has yet to give one. In the end, its the issues they will face which will show if they are really for the opposition.

The senate presidency is all about the 2010 elections. Its alright for them to hack their paths to take I am sure that the show of force the electorate has shown will be their check and balance.

Its too early to call anyone traitors. Chiz have not yet shown he had switched sides.

Good luck on your papers.

The Purple Phoenix said...

Mas kailangan ko po talaga ng good luck dahil sa papers kaysa kay Chiz :)

Oposisyon pa rin po siya.

Thanks po!

manuelbuencamino said...

let's wait for the senate to convene before we start judging people.

My off the wall suggestion to end this intrigas between presidentiables is to elect either chiz, ala, noynoy or trillanes senate president.

Anonymous said...

goodluck sa papers mo joWANA..and same with chiz..ayrene p

The Purple Phoenix said...

Thanks Ayrene!

Sir Manuel,
Gawa na lang tayo ng Senate Committee of Senate Presidents. Tapos andun sila lahat except for Joker and Ping. Sila sa Dual Chairmanship for Senate Blue Ribbon Committee.

nicole said...

PAris hilton looks better than you...so beat it bitch!