Thursday, July 05, 2007

Please Do Not Disappoint Us

I have said my piece on a Manuel Villar Senate Presidency. Since the main personalities pushing for the leadership of Nene Pimentel are loaded with vested interests highlighted by Mar Roxas' 'level the playing field for 2010' strategy, I do not mind Francis Escudero voting for Mister Sipag at Tiyaga.

However, most people - including fiercely loyal Team Chiz volunteers - see this as an act of treachery. Traydor ng Bayan, as one activist netizen articulated in another forum. I've been a vocal supporter and staunch defender of Chiz Escudero. But I always put my principles first. When I was a third-grader my teacher in Sibika and Kultura asked me if I would still support my father who was a mayor if he gets embroiled in political scandals or corruption. Without second thoughts, I answered NO. I would still respect him as a father but never as a leader. My teacher was shocked. Maybe she was expecting an answer that would go in the lines of the adage 'blood is thicker than water.'

Trust me, if Chiz Escudero jumpships to the administration, I will stop supporting him...and even campaign against him. His cute picture firmly posted in the right side of this blog will see the end of its cyber exposure.

I am a supporter and a fan. If he changes his heart, damn all the Chiz scrapbooks that I made. It will immediately meet the element of fire. To hell with global warming!

But this is not the first time the rumor mill churned out gossips that Escudero will move to administration camp. The first time (correct me if I am wrong) is before the elections when Jose De Venecia floated the idea that the Sorsogoanon will be part of Team Unity. Escudero run under the Genuine Opposition banner. I even sent him an email message in his on-line office asking for reassurance of his opposition loyalty. He answered back saying that he will always be an oppositionist. I still keep a printed copy of that email reply.

Escudero explained that he will vote for Villar (or to be more precise, he is still hoping that the opposition will have a united stand in the issue) but will remain an OPPOSITION in pertinent national issues.

I believe him. I felt the same reassurance he gave me before. The thing with Escudero is that he may is a good talker but he talks with sincerity. I have seen and talked to a number of politicians because of my father's position...but only a few provides you a sense of sincerity. He is one of them.

Chiz Escudero has made public his desire to run for president in 2010. Moving to the administration camp is a political death wish. He knows it. He is not stupid.

But please sir, do not disappoint the more than 18 million Filipinos who voted for you.

Disappointment is a powerful reaction. It may cost your presidential aspirations.


Anonymous said...

The Orwellian '1984" is already in the midst of our time. Anyone can change their stand at midsentence according to the dictates of our big borther.

Citizen Kutkut

fmontserrat said...

Chiz turning his back on the opposition? Not impossible but highly improbable. Besides, there's no fun in seeing him side with an insufferable twerp by the name of Mike Defensor.

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ Yup. He is not. He assured our Team. :)

Anonymous said...

guys easy lang..he will not dissapoint anyone of us and He is far different fr Mike defensor(asan na nga pala un?):D

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ THANKS! Finally. A believer!

Anonymous said...

jowana, ako ung aNonymous, hahaha, asan na nga pala si mike defensor.. hope you can buy LIKE THE FLOWING RIVER BY PAOLO COELHO. IT IS NICE. SWEAR. AYRENE P. (HOPE YOU STILL KNOW ME)

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ Sige bibili ako bukas. Naniniwala ako sa mga believers!

Si Tol daw nasa US of A.

Alam mo ba na dapat gagawa sila ng Bench ad ni Chiz kaya lang inabot na ng eleksyon?

ayrene's love said...

Really? so what happened? may nakita me billboard nya with TWO GUYS but im not sure kung para saan yun? napadaan lang yung car namin dun eh kaya di ko nabasa ung ad. hay.. ayrene p.

ayrene's love said...

please send your mobile phone in my friendster account..i plan to send you mine. thank you. ayrene p.

The Purple Phoenix said...

Hello Ayrene! Andaming messages. Pasensya na po ngayon lang ulit nakapag-Net. Gawa kasi ng research.

Yung billboard ad is for Instituto Santre. Isang non-evasive, non-surgical weight loss/fitness program.

Nakalimutan ko yung exact program kung saan naka-enroll si Chiz. Pero nililinis daw ang dugo sa program na yun. Kung ano pa ang ipapabawas niya sa kanyang weight - hindi ko na alam :)

Sabi nga sa Inquirer dati, isa siya sa mga 'few underweight congressmen.'

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