Thursday, July 05, 2007

Good Girl Gloria

There is a dearth of irritating news that is commendable of irreverent criticism. Senator-elect take their oaths. Ho-hum. Ronaldo Puno will replace Eduardo Ermita. Double ho-hum. The Commission on Appointments mafia would have been exciting but Herminio Teves is still keeping mum on the identities of the big shot cretins. Name names. That would be exciting. Just imagine, we will witness the grand media comeback of Prospero Pichay after a long and maddening campaign circus. Wohoo!

However, the Philippine Daily Inquirer has been headlining the supposed legacy plan of Little Gloria. Awww. How sweet. Our Little Gloria has found her heart. She wants to focus on the economy and will grant amnesties. Awww. How sweet.

Yeah right.

I wonder if the mother of Jonas Burgos will find it sweet. I wonder if the relatives of the dead activists will find comfort. Or if all the colleagues of dead journalists find happiness. Or if every Filipinos voters who got hoodwinked in the last presidential elections will celebrate her monumental plan.

I am pretty sure that the reaction is a resounding yuck. What a bitter and hypocritical pill to swallow!

Welcome to The Legacy Cram School of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, where everything starts with illusions and ends with delusions. But I am really scared and worried of her promise. Every time she makes a promise, she breaks it and eventually shatters our nation to pieces. On the death anniversary of our national hero, she vowed not to run in the next elections because she is a divisive factor. Not only did she run; she also cheated to win. She promised to focus on economic reforms. She did and now we have an additional 12% expanded value-added taxes. It was suppose to help the economy. The Filipinos knew better and snuffed out the political career of Ralph Recto. She pledged to fight terrorism; soon enough, the journalists and militants die like ordinary house flies.

Now she is back to making promises which she calls legacy. You know what, she should stop this charade. Her legacy has been cemented the moment she called a certain COMELEC commissioner in order to ensure the safety of her fabricated votes.

I am sure that more Filipinos would remember the controversial conversation than her ten-point agenda. I am sure that more Filipinos would remember her as the woman who tried her very best to act as contrite as possible while delivering her vague apology rather than the woman who promised significant economic reforms. In short, illegitimacy will continue to hound her.

It will always be Gloria the Fake One.
One thing is for sure, it is not our fault. It was her fault. Our only mistake is that we should have driven this Little Girl out of the Palace when we had our chance. If we cannot avoid national amnesia then we should persistently commit to memory our People Power heritage.

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