Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Cheating has Started

Try surfing Votester. It is a beta site that allows Yehey members to vote their preferred senatoriables and party-lists representatives.

Francis Escudero has been leading the tally for quite some time. He is followed by fellow oppositionists Antonio Trillanes IV and Panfilo Lacson. Yesterday (March 14), the 2bU section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer published an article regarding the website. It mentioned that although the votes of Chiz is not an indicator whether he would be the next Mr Palengke, it still show that the youth are indeed watching the election season.

I browsed Votester and to my surprise Mike Defensor placed second. It would not have come as a surprise except that he never figured in the Top 6. What is more shocking is that he suddenly reached the 100 vote mark. As one fellow Team Chiz member observed, Chiz received a normal 20-30 votes in one day while Mike gathered around 50-60 votes.

Since I am a big CSI fan, I decided to investigate. Based on the testimonials of Defensor in the site, most of his 'supporters' visited Votester from March 14 to 15. On the other hand his critics commented on March 3 or 4. See the discrepancy? In addition, noticed that the 2bU article was published on March 14.

I would not be surprised if Tol's 'supporters' voted in droves as a reaction to the article.

But this was not the first time. Remember ANC's Face-Off? For some unexplainable reason, despite the competence of Escudero the former presidential chief of staff kept on piling the text votes.

The cheating has definitely started.

But I guess most Filipinos know the truth. They know it very well that they are rewarding the Sorsogon lawmaker a high ranking in the surveys.


mschumey07 said...

The cheating had long started. The administration has set up a text station near the palace. They also have an internet brigade and harasses people in the different fora.

Iba talaga kapag maraming ninanakaw. Nakakabili ng san damakmak na load na pang text sa mga talk shows. If you want to witness how the palace internet brigade works, sa site ni Ellen Tordesillas, marami sila dun. Ginugulo yung mga commenters dun.

Anonymous said...

Mike Defensor, Butch Pichay and Migz Zubiri are the most trusted candidates of Gloria, Most loyal to her among the TEAM UNITY candidates. These will try to win at ALL COST!!! You should focus on these three until election day. You'll notice that Mike is having a massive postering nationwide to increase his awareness to conceal his planned vote buying!!

Anonymous said...

Mike being the former presidential chief of staff is very influencial especially to those who asked favors from Gloria, now it's pay back time for Mike, Utang na loob! Mike will utilize all these people! Even Govt agencies and institution! Never underestimate the capabilities of Mike , He's an Alpha Sigman too.

Anonymous said...

These anti dynasty advocates are criticizing Allan Peter Cayetano, Noynoy Aquino and Tessie Oreta and Koko Pimentel, they have not noticed Mike Defensor a first degree nephew of Senator Miriam DEFENSOR Santiago! Huli ka Mike!! YARI KA!!! akala mo makakatakas ka ano!! NO WAY!

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ Hindi rin siya galit kay Tol. Apart from being the nephew of Miriam, he is the son of the incumbent congressman of QC as well as the sister of the former congressman of QC.

Nagmamalinis, sila din naman dynasty.

Speaking of dynasty, we should not forget that the Fake One is creating his own dynasty.

As for the three stooges: Defensor, Pichay, and Zubiri - nakaka-pollute na ng paligid at utak ang postering brigade niyo.

Village Tickler said...

Hi Jowanna,

I don't think that this administration is really serious in engaging candidates for senatorial race.

Villag Tickler

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ kasi naman po ang mahirap maniwala na tatakbong senador ang mga kongresistang gustong buwagin ang senado. Di ba Zubiri? Di ba Pichay?

the jester-in-exile said...

hm. nice take on things.

unfortunately, i still am unsure about escudero -- given his political background.

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ that's all right. I cannot expect everyone to like him :)