Friday, March 16, 2007

Attention: Reader Martin

You were asking me to expound on the reason why I consider Pichay arrogant in my Warning: Danger in the Midst post. I already answered it in my comment page in the same article. Please read if you're still interested. The answer is quite interesting.


vic said...

Chances we are having elections here called anytime, cus I'm getting lot of calls from the party for camapign donations.

If and when it is called, the campaign period is limited to max of 45 days (could be shorter) and the only issues the voter might hear are the parties platform and promises of programs and the sources of funds to implement them. We don't talk about what's the candidate qualifications or to whom he or she maried to and his integrity. It is already assumed that to be a candidate to the parliament, you have to have an unquestionable integrity, and have the capacity to maintain it througout your mandate if elected. By the way,I'm a long time card carrying member of the current Minority Government of The Conservatives Party and our govt. might be brought down anytime after the introduction of the annual budget.. and we are ready for the election to win a majority..we will campaign hard fot it..

Belinda said...

Keep up the good work.