Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Blind Opener

I decided to change my 'Blind Leading the Blind' posts into the 'Blind Opener.' Why? Blame hormones.

Anyway, these blind items are from my favorite tabloid Abante. Only those politicians who are running this elections will be part of the Blind Opener.

1. The Modelizer
The Story: this married re-electionist who is married to a politician is currently crazy over a model. Though they continue to fool the public with their sweet acts so as not to affect their political careers.

The Clue: you don't need a clue with this one.

The Answer: Ralph Recto

Explanation: do I have to explain why?

2. The Vain Candidate
The Story: in order to spice up his candidacy, this administration bet is having frequent facials due to his 'uncharismatic' skin. He is also advised to loose some pounds. Apart from that, he has became choosy with clothes.

The Clue: vegetable but obviously not a vegetarian.

The Answer: Prospero Pichay

The Explanation: he definitely needs a make-over more importantly a moral make-over.

3. The Weird Tripper
The Story: this GO candidate only hires beauty-challenged staff so that they would not upstage her. Wow.

The Clue: she's a former senator which got involved in sports when she was younger

The Answer: Nikki Coseteng

The Explanation: do you still remember Gallery Dominique?

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