Sunday, March 04, 2007

Animosity of an Anonymous Reader

This is not the first time I received an unfavorable comment. I'm sure of it because I still remember the name of the reader. He was gentleman enough to identify his name. He even has a picture.

I don't edit any comments in my blog. But wouldn't it be great if I know who makes these reactions so that I could make a better reply. There were two messages from an 'anonymous' reader that accused me of being an Erap supporter. He even made commments against Francis Escudero in another. I know that he or she is just one and the same because it's reflected in the the time of posting.

Here's one of his post:
bayaran ka kamo ng mga kampon ni erap!!! kabit ka siguro ng papa erap mo!!! puro ka kabalbalan!!

Here's my reply:

I would like to thank you for visiting my blog and reading my entries. However, I would like to tell you that I was part of EDSA Dos. If you still remember your history, it was the pseudo-revolution that kicked Erap out of position.

Second, my father is aligned with the administration. Yet he gives me freedom in choosing the candidates who I think should be elected. The last time I check, the Philippines is a democratic country.

Third, just a point of clarification, I am not a mistress of Estrada. I do not even have a boyfriend until now. Why? I don't need one.

Lastly, if you are really brave as your comments could you please identify yourself. I'm proud of what I'm saying that's why even put my picture in my blog. Are you proud of what you're saying? If yes, tell me your identity.

Jowana Balana Bueser

See. I could even right my full name with all dignity.

My name is Jowana Balana Bueser, a Filipina and a registered voter - in the coming elections I shall use my right to elect deserving candidates. The undeserving ones shall reap eternal condemnation. For now, I'll give them hell.

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