Sunday, February 04, 2007

Election Ad Campaign Watch: TOL - The Outrageous Leech

Dear 'Tol,

'Tol, have you seen the TV spot of Mike Defensor? The irritating 'tol ad? You see, it's the Pinoy street slang for 'bro.' The thing is, you call somebody 'tol if you like the person and if you trust the person. You just can't force me to call you 'tol if I don't like you.

'Tol, this is precisely the reason why a former presidential chief of staff will not get my vote. Yes, not even the powers of Boy Abunda could convince me to waste precious ballpoint ink for him.

'Tol, we should all remember that this guy who presents himself as the Philippines' ultimate brother and confidante is the same vermin who said, 'it's the president's voice but it's not her speaking.' We're talking about a lunatic. If you want to have a lunatic in the senate vote Mike Defensor. God knows how many Defensors this country could endure!

'Tol, this is the same guy who vouches for a unity ticket but is the perenial source of gossips and disunity in the Fake One's cabinet. If you want a gossipmonger whose greed for power is insatiable, go ahead and vote Mike Defensor. God knows how many Mikes this country could endure!

'Tol, look at his picture. Do you see a bright future? Or do you see the human mutation of a blood-sucking leech?

I see a leech.

It's time to bring dignity back to us - 'tol. This elections, let's make sure no leech would destroy the sacredness of our brotherhood. Let's not vote for this impostor utol.

Yours truly,
The Purple Phoenix

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