Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Grinch Came Too Early

Top of the hour news: Administration Solons to Propose Scrapping of 2007 Polls.

First, should we really have to call congressmen - especially the administration leeches as solons? This is doing a great disservice to the old Greek guy Solon.

May I present the SIX MAN PANEL TECHNICAL WORKING GROUP that proposed the cancellation of next year's poll.

Naks, technical working group...angas naman!

1. Prospero Nograles
2. Edcel Lagman
3. Constantino Jaraula
4. Prospero Pichay
5. Simeon Datumanong
6. Luis Villafuerte

Though I would like to clarify that Villafuerte IS NOT the designated MUSE of the technical working group. Just a clarification.

I won't elaborate much on the matter because the phrase 'scrapping 2007 elections' says it all.

However, I was really surprised - no, amazed - nope, flabbergasted - when Nograles reacted that IT WAS UNFAIR TO ACCUSE THE MAJORITY THAT THEY ARE RAILROADING CON-ASS.


He's a lawyer right? From Ateneo, no less. But 'railroading' is such a simple word. And I'm pretty sure that Nograles could afford a dictionary or a thesaurus.

But it seems that he doesn't know what the hell 'railroading' means.

Boy, okay ka lang? Patingin ka rin kaya sa St. Lukes baka may sakit ka ng malala.

Another clarification, it's not true that the Fake One was diagnosed with an incurable illness and has only up to December 22 to live THAT'S NOGRALES AND HIS GANG WANTS TO FINISH CON-ASS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

That's not true.

Just a clarification.

Bet you wish it was...

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