Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Charter Change. Goodbye and Thank You. You are the Weakest Link.

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More Filipinos Reject Charter Change

This is news? Or is this history?

Nope. It's the truth.

Something that is foreign to Jose De Venecia, Prospero Nograles, Prospero Pichay, Edcel Lagman, Constantino Jaraula, and Luis Villafuerte.

Tomorrow please expect Ignacio Bunye to accuse Pulse Asia of using bias questions.

Let me tell you something about surveys. I guess being a sociology graduate gives me a right to say something about it. Of all the social scientists around, Max Weber provided the most practical reality regarding data gathering.

He said that ONE CAN NEVER BE ABSOLUTELY OBJECTIVE when it comes to data gathering. Why?

1. When you choose a research topic that is already stained with personal bias. Why that topic? See.

2. When you write the significance of your study your personal bias will also affect your research.

3. When you decide what are the objectives of your study...again...personal bias will affect your study.

4. If for example, you chose survey as your method of study, your choice of questions will again be subjected to your own personal bias. How the hell will you be objective?

5. However, Weber contends that objectivity should be observed during data gathering. It is the only stage of your research study that shouldn't be affected by your personal bias.

(How many times did I use the phrase personal bias in this entry?)

6. The last part of your research which is analysis and recommendations will definitely be unobjective because it needs your own conclusions and opinions.


Now tell me, how the hell did the Palace came up with their 'loaded question spin?'

The founding fathers of Sociology has long realize that its research method will never be objective.


Sociology (and surveys) deals with human beings. The most complicated subject in the whole world.

Just like survey evaluation.

As long as the surveys are not in favor of the Fake One, the Palace spinners will always attribute it to loaded questions.

Remember when everyone was questioning the legality of Arroyo at the height of the Hello Garci issue?

What did Bunye and company use as a defense?

They said that Arroyo was leading in all the surveys against FPJ so there's no question that she won the elections.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. All surveys have biases depending on who paid for the undertaking. The Cha-Cha is the fake one's and all indications really point to her. She is the one running the show and all the rest are mere actors in this play. Dean Bocobo and the palace spinmiesters think the questions were 'loaded' but in reality as you and I both know, its actually Glueria's parliament. The questions were therefore not misleading but accurate.

Anonymous said...

JdV is all by his lonesome. This could be the reason why funds are not being sent to him. But the others who are closely linked to the fake one definitely are getting the lion's share.

The Purple Phoenix said...

maybe the Other Speaker of the House Prospero Pichay is getting the lion share?