Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Democrats Amazing Run

Pundits say that 2006 American Midterm Elections is a sort of referendum for George W. Bush and his 'stay the course' policy in Iraq.

If that is true, then
1. Americans are not in favor of the Iraqi War.

2. Bush unpopularity has been validated.

3. Democrats proved that they can punch back.


First Woman House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. How cool is that? I found it a nail-biting experience as I was watching the Democrats climb the House majority. It was even more exciting than the second game of Ateneo and UST during the last UAAP championship.

Is this any indication that by 2008 we will see the first woman president in the United States of America.

Let's us a Republican Lame Duck.
The Purple Phoenix: President Hillary Rodham Clinton. What's your reaction?
George Bush: uhmmm... Condi, do you want to be the first Black woman president of this country?

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