Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Phenomenon: Marie Segolene Royal

I've been following the political careers of some politicians around the world. On top of my list are US Senator Barack Obama (he had me at 'audacity of hope') and leading French presidential candidate Marie Segolene Royal.

Marie Segolene Royal. Can a name be more beautiful?

Royal is a phenomenon. This could probably be the first time the French saw a woman trampling her older male opponents in the dust.

Not even chauvinism could stop her growing power. I got this quote from the Wikepedia (click on the title to read the complete article): "Among active members of the Socialist Party who met at a "summer session" 57% preferred her as their candidate, 15% preferred Jospin, 11% Strauss Kahn and 9% Jack Lang. If there were a second round of votes she would receive 69% of the vote against Jospin and 73% against Jack Lang. Some on the left of the party criticize her position as overly "liberal" or moderate and she is widely seen as a pragmatist rather than a leftist candidate."

A whopping fifty-seven percent.

Not only is she popular in her own party but among French people as well.

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo could only dream for that kind of support.

But one Royal quote that I really like is this: "Why, should one have to be sad, ugly and boring to go into politics these days?"

What's wrong with it? If you're an intelligent and popular leader who happens to look like someone who just stepped out of FHM - does that make you a nuisance candidate?


By the way, she was rated as the sixth sexiest woman by the Frenchmen last June.

Welcome to the Royal Phenomenon.

By the way, she had a headline-grabbing picture a couple weeks (or months) ago. She was pictured wearing a turquoise green bikini. They made a big fuss about it. My question is why?

1. She was at the beach. Don't expect her to wear some restrictive power suit.
2. She has the body to wear those skimpy swim wear.
3. It's better seieing her wear that bikini THAN Jacques Chirac.

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