Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mayor Borgy Manotoc

The Marcos family really knows how to make news apart from partying with Rick Abcede.

Before: Imelda Marcos for mayor of Manila
After:Borgy Manotoc for mayor of Manila

They really know how to give the Atienzas sleepless nights.

Imee Marcos said that his 20-year old son "is a better politician" than her. Plus the Manotocs came from Gagalangin, Tondo.

So can we really expect a young (delicious) model as the mayor of Manila? I mean he speaks better English than Ali Atienza.

What can you say Ping?

Mayor Borgy Manotoc.

I just don't know if Jay-R will like the idea.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jowana,
Kumusta ka na? Si uncle Culas eto
I read all your letters on your website
Kumusta kayong la hat diyan Sam, Angie
Just give my regards to everybody

Culas uncle and cousins, Dexanne, Danielle and Deandale

The Purple Phoenix said...

Aba Uncle! Ok lang naman po. Nagma-masterals ako ngayon. Ok naman po kaming lahat sa bahay.

Ang gaganda naman ng names ng mga pinsan ko!