Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ironic or Moronic

Ironic or Moronic. I could not decided which of the two adverbs best describe the vanishing act of Zamboanga del Sur, 2nd district Representative Antonio Cerilles. He was a no show during the hearing of the House Committee on Ethics on antiabsenteeism.

You see, the good lawmaker deplored the lack of quorum in the Lower House in one of his privilege speech due to absenteeism among members.

What happened during the hearing of the said bill? Congressman Roilo Golez gives us a clear answer, and I quote, "Mr. Chairman, you mean the author of the absenteeism investigation is absent?"

Cerilles' staff could only give a lame excuse for their boss: attending an important meeting.

What did Cerilles say in his speech?

That the members of the House has the "primordial obligation" is attending sessions and that it is an "obligation to the Filipino people."

Next time, listen to what you say.


schumey said...

Moronic, its a case of practice what you preach.

The Purple Phoenix said...

he! he! he! labo din ni cerilles.

Anonymous said...

Alam nyo ba napakakurakot nyang si Cerilles! Ask the people of Zamboanga del Sur kung magkano na!

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ naitanong ko na rin po sa Ninang ko na taga- DENR. Yan din ang sinasabi. Hindi kayo nag-iisa :(