Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Death of a Butanding

I have forgotten to write this piece of news. It concerns the death of a whale shark -more popularly known here as the butanding. It's a gentle giant of sea creature that feeds on planktons.

In the early days of September, a butanding was hacked to death (by bolo, experts presumed) in Camarines Sur. Poor fellow. It was indeed tragic.

However, my malicious mind could not help but paint a bit of political color in the light of this environmental tragedy. Severals weeks before the tragedy, the second impeachment against Mrs. Arroyo was hacked to death (by pork barrel, the public believed) by her allies in the Congress. The murderous spree was led by Edcel Lagman and fellow Bicolano lawmaker Luis Villafuerte. which part of the Bicol region did Villafuerte came from? Camarines Sur, right.

Uhmmm...but the butanding is commonly seen in which part of the Bicol region? Sorsogon, right. Donsol in particular. which part of the Bicol region did Minority Floor Leader and oppositionist Francis Escudero came from? Sorsogon, right. Sorsogon.

Is it a case of karma?

Napadaan lang sa Camarines Sur yung inosenteng butanding namatay na. Joke lang.

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