Monday, September 25, 2006

Defensor Announces Administration's Senate Defenders

Anak, kapag senador na ako mas mahal pang shades ang mabibili mo!

Mike Defensor revealed five possible administration senatoriables in next year's elections. Give a hand to Ernesto Maceda, all five of them were part of his list of rumored possible administration senatorial bets.

The Fab Five includes:

1. Angelo Reyes
2. Francisco Duque III
3. Lito Atienza
4. Prospero Nograles
5. Eduardo Ermita


I said it before and I will say it once again, good luck na lang sa inyo. Kailangan niyo talaga ng Garci expertise.


schumey said...

Dreams are free, they can dream all they want. The truth is people are aware how these regretables operate. These clowns don't deserve anything, not even rotten eggs.

The Purple Phoenix said...

he! he! rotten eggs ulit! feeling ko lang wala na silang mahagilap na artista.