Monday, June 05, 2006

Top Ten Reasons why Susan Roces should not attend the National Artist Awarding Ceremonies

1.Her blood pressure might dangerously increase if she comes face to face with Gloria Arroyo.

2. She may not be able to control herself and strangle Gloria which the midget truly deserves.

3. She may not be able to control herself again and strangle all of Gloria’s cohorts which they truly deserve.

4. Why should she receive the National Artist recognition for his husband from a non-president?

5. Malacanan spin doctors will declare that Ms. Roces’ personal appearance is a sign that of acceptance and reconciliation.

6. She’ll simply steal the show and it may only trigger the fiery temper of the midget.

7. Two words: why bother.

8. She should also be receiving an Elected President Posthumous Award and not only a National Artist Award.

9. Susan might be accused of inciting to sedition and rebellion. Why? Nothing. Reason is not a prerequisite when filing charges under this administration.

10. Hey, how come Gloria is freely handing out important awards when she should be rotting in jail for manipulating the last presidential elections?

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