Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Top Ten Factual Reasons why Lito Atienza Sucks

1. He believes condoms are bad.

2. He is one hell of a photo opportunity monster.

3. He is a poster boy for political dynasty.

4. He enthusiastically pushes for Charter Change.

5. He sides with Gloria Arroyo.

6. He is such a publicity vampire that he has to emphasize the “la” in Maynila in all the city’s tarpaulins and billboards. If you’re from another universe, “la” means Lito Atienza.

7. He said that even before, he had inklings that some products in the popular 168 Mall are smuggled. Duh. You want us to believe that? Then why did it take years before it was raided?

8. He hosts the stupid show Maynila.

9. His son is a Steve Irwin wannabe.

10.The hideousness of his fashion taste is matched only by his insatiable sipsip ability.

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