Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Top Ten Possible Reasons why Gloria Quickly Lifted Proclamation 1017

  1. Gloria doesn’t want FVR’s “waning and waning support” to actually wane.
  2. Big Brother US has spoken. He doesn’t want 1017.
  3. She hates the fact that Daily Tribune got more popular after she placed the country under the State of National Emergency.
  4. She realized that her popularity has not improved after PP 1017.
  5. Tuning to DZMM and poring over Philippine Daily Inquirer proves that 1017 has not curtailed media’s fiery statement against her.
  6. GMA despises that she’s being called a dictator. She wants to be called a QUEEN.
  7. She thought that 1017 would lead to a “warantless arrest” of Vicky Toh.
  8. Gloria wants to get out of Malacanang after several days of hiding behind container vans. She’s missing the “chosen place” Cebu.
  9. Nani Perez told her to lift PP 1017.
  10. Nobody’s talking about 1017 after RUSTOM PADILLA CAME OUT OF THE CLOSET.

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