Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Ultimate Tragedy

Whoever said that the reality is not P51.00 to $1.00 but 71 lives is to one peso should be commended for correct observation and witty comment. The recent tragedy in Ultra concretely showed what the Arroyo government has been denying ever since - most Filipinos are wallowing in poverty.
It's tragic. This noble race of courageous men and women has been pinning its hope on noontime shows. Get rich quick schemes and gambling have been their resort to liberate themselves from the mud pool of destituteness. It's tragic.
And it's not just the poorest of the poor, many people from the upper classes has been feeling the burden of poverty. How many Filpinos have been duped by pyramid scams, text scams, and illegal recruiters? Never has the adage "kapit sa patalim" ever been more appropriate.
Poverty is the real tragedy. But what 's even more tragic is dying senselesslywhile trying to get out of poverty.
And if that does not make you feel sad and angry at the same time - people will still be lining up in ABSCBN to join Wowowee.
Now that is tragic.

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