Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Opposition Through and Through

Along with four devoted members of Team Chiz, I went yesterday to the Senate just to watch their session. Except for a few solons, almost every senator was present. The main discussion was about the stand of the body regarding Senator Antonio Trillanes.

It was a resolution passed by Senator Aquilino Pimentel. Administration lawmakers such as Juan Ponce Enrile, Richard Gordon, and Edgardo Angara questioned some of the 'whereas' parts. On the other had, Loren Legarda spent her time clarifying points that have been clarified by the others before her while Mar Roxas - I forgot what he said. Of course, I was waiting for only one man. He did not disappoint. Chiz Escudero expressed support on the resolution and proceeded to suggest further proposal for the situation of Trillanes. That made him a SENSIBLE opposition. How about the Gentleman from Maguindanao? He spent his time paraphrasing Escudero.

I am not being biased with my report since this also the whispered reactions of the audience in the gallery.

When the session adjourned, me and my friends excitedly exited the gallery just to see Escudero up close and personal. (Forgive the young and giddy girls.)He saw us and then invited five starstruck girls to his office.

Of course it does not take the proverbial rocket scientist to know how we felt while we are crammed in the elevator with Senator Escudero.

Of course it does not take another proverbial rocket scientiest to know how we felt when we were treated to a one-on-one discussion with him. Here are some excerpts of our conversation.

Question: Did he join the administration?
Answer: No. Definitely not. Voting for Manuel Villar does not make him an administration. The opposition him as a guest candidate and that made Villar part of the opposition. Joseph Estrada wanted the opposition to support the incumbent senate president and he simply followed their leader. In his own words, 'Parang ganito iyon. Hiniram mo ang MVP ng kalaban (referring to Villar) at pagkatapos na manalo kayo bigla niyo siyang iba-bangko.'

Question: How about the issue with Ping Lacson?
Answer: It's like 2004 all over agin when he refused to unite with FPJ which cost the opposition a controversial loss.

Question: How about the twins?
Answer: It is a boy and a girl.

(You know this one will be coming and you know that I was the one who asked this.)

Question: On a lighter side, how about your billboards sprouting all over the Metro?
Answer: (Laughs.) May bago nga. Alam niyo kung ano? Rexona. Meron daw silang heroes and icons at makakasama ko raw si Robin Padilla. Paputian kami ng kili-kili ni Robin.

The other parts of the interview will not be printed.

Sorry. The moment is quite priceless.

But it sure fortified my faith that he will be a sensible opposition through and through.


Arbet said...

You will have to disagree, then, with John Nery.

fmontserrat said...

That was so cute, I didn't expect such question to come from you. Anyway, down to business. Am glad he clarified things up although the Villar-vote has already tained his (and Cayetano's) reputation as oppositionist. There will be plenty of other opportunities for him to prove his loyalty in the coming Senate hearings.

mschumey07 said...

This is exactly the reason why I have not in any way commented about the supposed rift in the opposition. There will be issues that will addressed in the coming days. When these issues come up, their positions will decide if they are true to the people who voted them into office. Its too early to say that any of them had actually jumped ship. We are putting the cart before the horse if we judge them this early.

Chiz is right in his views on Lacson. Its becoming obvious now what he is really up to. Politika lang yan, principle is what really counts at the end of the day.

The Purple Phoenix said...

Sir Arbet,
Yeah. I disagreed and posted quite a long comment :)

Blue Train,
Ha! Ha! Ang labo ng tanong ko noh? Kasi masyadong heavy ang usapan.

Sir Schumey,
Tama po kayo. Si Lacson ay isang malaking ewan.

Anonymous said...

huhuhu..i just hope i can see him too. invite me naman when you guys plan to hit his office again...kainggit grabe..magdadala talaga me ng camera..ayrene p.

The Purple Phoenix said...

^ Pag pumunta ulit kami. Sabihin ko agad sa iyo.

ayrene's love said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Suwangit ka pala!! Masungit na pangit!! mukhang naluging tindera ng tinapa!! MAR ROXAS is the next Philippine President!! you can lick Chiz Ass for now!!

Anonymous said...

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