Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back for Good

Despite of my iron-clad promise of being an active and responsible (!) blogger, the recent electoral process a.k.a. magical and mystical circus has prevented me from honoring my personal mission. Since it is not yet over – I mean we are still waiting for the end of the counting – I‘d rather recount the crazy memories last election season.

On the local and personal front, I am saddened by the failed re-election bid of my father. It should have been his sixth and last term. Yes. You read that right – sixth. He mayoral stint begun in 1988 until 1998; rested for a term and successfully reclaim the position for two successive terms. Apparently, my beloved town has learned to love money. I recalled that during my father’s first years as mayor, he would spend a fairly reasonable amount since our people are never swayed by the lure of hard cold cash. Attitudes do change. Even good ones have to change for the worse. Consider the vote-buying rate last elections in our town: P 200 – 1,000 per individual and P 2,000 per family. Our family does not buy a person’s right just to win elections. It’s a rule.

I’m not sounding like a sore loser, am I? No. I am not. I just wish that the wisdom of our town people would enlightenment them once more. It’s not the end. Apparently, the supposed mayoral winner is a US immigrant (failure in residency requirement). Oooh.


Jon Mariano said...

I've never liked politics myself, so I can say that maybe your father's loss (in the elections) is a family blessing? (You know, more time for the family, etc.).


mschumey07 said...

Nice to see you back. I know your dad as a man of integrity. His loss is your town's loss and your family's gain.

The Purple Phoenix said...


Thanks a lot. But my father will not give up without a fight.

It's genetics. One of my favorite poems is that of Dylan Thomas, 'Rage against the Dying of the Light.' :-)

I'm still finishing my other blog posts. It's rather long.

Be back next time!


Nick said...

Nice to see you back. I hear you on the vote buying that has become a culture in itself..

I often hear sarcastic remarks coming from voters who mock candidates for not shelling out cash.. What a joke.. if only they could hear themselves..

I wrote about this a while back, in a post titled, "To The Vote Selling Public"..

US immigrant.. gotta love a scandal..

Nick said...

I love that poem myself, Rage rage against the dying of the light.. Encountered it in the movie "Dangerous Minds" and I've loved it ever since..

DonVito B. Valle said...

Welcome back, Jowana. Please do post in your blog every now and then though. It's such a torture waiting for an update. Lol.

I was hoping that Chiz would lead the senatorial race. I'm somewhat undecided whether Loren deserves the top spot.

Anyway, the 8-2-2 forecast is good enough for me, although it still is a poor addition to an already poor line-up of existing senators.

the bystander said...

it's been quite a long time since your last post.

sorry to hear about that. but as schumey aptly said, their loss is your family's gain. everything happens for a reason.

by the way, i would like to inform you that i've transferred to another blogsite:

hope you keep me connected.

The Purple Phoenix said...

Wow! Thanks for all the posts!

I'm still finishing my newest articles. I'll post it soon enough.

I;m still doing some research. Seriously.