Thursday, February 15, 2007

Laugh Potion Number 9

1. Prospero Pichay declared that the opposition senatorial slate is made up of coup plotters and government destabilizers. But the administration slate is composed of a gambling lord, a pathetic cabinet member, a couple of lapdog congressmen, a couple of has-been turncoats and some filler candidates from nowhere.

2. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo introduced the Kiram guy as the 'Sultan of Brunei.' Oh my goodness! That only shows how UNKNOWN the candidate is.

3. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo sang Boom Tarat Tarat as an introduction for Zubiri. Ha! Ha! Ha! Not funny.

4. Have you seen the campaign posters of Mike Defensor? Walking 'Tol. Woah. That is a blatant lie. He is walking SHORT.

5. Jose Pepito Cayetano a.k.a. Peter Cayetano. Yup. This is the 'high level politics' that Reli German is blabbering about.

6. Jericho Petilla. Ha! Ha! Ha! Jericho who? Political accommodations are not funny.

7. Joker Arroyo is part of Team Unity. He vowed in his first foray as senator that he would get rid off corrupt politicians. Oooh. I want to see him campaigning side by side with Chavit Singson. That would be one helluva scenario.

8. Mike Defensor and Miguel Zubiri donated blood as part of their campaign gimmick on Valentines Day. If they DONATED THEIR BODIES to medical students for their laboratory requirements, I might probably vote for them. But they would be dead come election time.

9. The administration promised clean elections. Ha! Ha! Ha! Not funny.

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