Monday, October 30, 2006

Pathetic Senatorial Line-Up

As the possibility of a 2007 Senatorial Elections is getting clearer by the day, the administration has come up with (another) senatorial line-up.

1. Mike Defensor
2. Angelo Reyes
3. Francisco Duque III
4. Jose Syjuco (Who?)
5. Prospero Pichay
6. Prospero Nograles
7. Lito Atienza
8. Eduardo Ermita
9. Joseph Ace Durano

I may sound like a broken record as I always talk and write about the possible senatorial line-up of the present (but fake) administration but I just could not help but laugh at them.

Take note: do you see any movie stars in the line-up?


Remember the K-4 slate of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo had two action stars in the person of Bong Revilla and the insignificant Lito Lapid?

Remember how Arroyo and her minions belittled the ability of then presidentiable Fernando Poe, Jr. because he was 'just a movie star?'


The administration cannot include any actor in 2007 after maligning the ability of movie stars.

Don't get me wrong, I would not vote for a movie star but if it's already November and you still have a pathetic senatorial line-up... man what a bummer.

Though there may be som hope.

Why not include... the Last Action Star... Mikey Arroyo.


schumey said...

Pathetic it is. That's what we call sraping the bottom of the barrel.

The Purple Phoenix said...

That's why I'm pretty sure that come election the administration would also scrape the PORK BARREL.

Anonymous said...

Syjuco is actually Augusto Syjuco, director-general of TESDA who published a book entitled, "Salabat for the Filipino Soul" charged to TESDA to the tune of P9 Million. Said book is now being sold at National Bookstore. When the TESDA union pointed this anomaly to PAGC, Syjuco ordered the transfer of top union leaders effective immediately. Now the TESDA union officials are crying out for help. In trying to protect their agency, their careers (some of which span 30 years), have been placed on the line by their boss who (i kid you not!) only goes to work everyday at 3 pm, forcing his staff to work overtime because their boss could not get up earlier than 11 am. Now this guy wants to be senator!!!!

The Purple Phoenix said...

WOW! 9 million-peso book with a BAD title?!

Just when you thought you have heard everything...

i don't know if he really wants to be a senator BUT the administration wants him to.