Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thai Army Seizes Power: Are We Next?

Corruption does not pay. That seems to be the reason of General Sonthi Boonyaratglin when the Thai Army decided to take over the government.

Now, a lot of political analysts are saying that the Philippines and Thailand are very much the same (except for food prices). A case of country soulmates. If this is the case, can a military take-over in our beloved republic be far behind?

I don't know. I really don't. There's one important difference between our country and the land of beautiful transexuals. We don't have a king. Even if Gloria Macapagal Arroyo continues to act like a royalty, we don't have a real king or queen. There's something about the FVR look-alike male monarch of Thailand. I remember when the Philippine team was up against Thailand in a no-bearing basketball match in the Southeast Asian Games. The highly-superior Pinoys were ahead comfortably until there was an announcement that the king's wife would watch the game. I can't believe my eyes when the lead dwindled to five

Mind you, that was just the king's wife. What more if that was the king himself. I wouldn't be surprise if we lost the game.

As a nation, we lack a rallying point. We don't have a Bhumibol. Or an Elizabeth II. Or even a Barrack Obama (I know, he hasn't reach that point in his young and vibrant political career, but the guy is so HOT!). Even during the two EDSA revolts(?), there were personalities that acted (or conspired) as leaders.

But we could use Gloria as our rallying point. Remember during the last US elections when the Democrats are so divided and then they decided to make Bush -not Kerry- as their rallying point? That kind of rallying point.

So, are we next?

Let's ask Esperon. Or Lim. Or Querubin. Or Honasan.

The peso dropped because of the newest developments in Thai politics. Soulmates. We are indeed soulmates.


postigo luna said...

Thanks for the comment, PP!

postigo luna said...

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schumey said...

The Philippines is an archipelago, any troop movement can easily be detected. This is also the reason why units not particularly in the administration’s control are assigned to the countryside. Only loyal units are deployed in Luzon. A coup at this time will not succeed because of the reasons I stated. Ellen is right to point out that our military “ay may bayad”, but those are only the one’s stationed in Luzon. The rest, the administration couldn’t care less as it will be a logistical nightmare for any unit to launch a coup from Visayas or Mindanao. It was a big blunder on Danny Lim’s part to announce his intentions to his CS. Sayang talaga.

The Purple Phoenix said...

no prob postigo luna (astig ang name)

and thanks for linking.

mr. schumey,
ingat dun sa sayang part baka maisama ka ni (si)raul(o) gonzales sa listahan niya.

but you're right walang pag-asa (sa ngayon) ang kudeta sa atin.

postigo luna said...

glad you like it.