Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Bastards has Approved Cha-Cha's Resolution

Check the link.

House Resolution No. 1230 or Proposing Revision and/or Amendments of 1987 Constitution has been approved by the majority bastards in the Committee on Constitutional Amendments. Then it will be brought to the Committee on Rules where we will see more bastards.

Now here's the contention of the minority. They complained in the sudden change in the resolution's title.

From Proposing the Revision of the 1987 Constitution it became Proposing Revision and/or Amendments of 1987.

Why the sudden change, bastards?

Why include amendments?



schumey said...

They're obviously playing safe. Remeber, they want to be constitutionally correct or they could suffer the same fate as that of Sigaw.

The Purple Phoenix said...

yup. i think that's the best reason. it's rather weird though associating the majority congressmen with phrases like "constitutionally correct." :)