Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Probable Senatorial Line-Up of the Administration

Ang lupit ng dimples!

I got this from the column of Former Senator Ernesto Maceda in Daily Tribune. Most of his chismis tidbits are true so I suppose this one has some truth to it

I couldn't help myself but say "what," "huh," and "what the f," when I read the line-up.


1. MIKE DEFENSOR - here's the best reason why he's running: to counter the charisma of Francis Escudero. Good luck na lang sa 'yo. And please tell your Alpha Sigma brods to stop their text brigades in the ANC show "Square Off." It's so obvious, nakakainis na.

2. EDUARDO ERMITA - mwahahahaha! Seryoso ka?

3. IGNACIO BUNYE - isa pa to, seryoso ka rin? I suggest that you use that unforgettable "I have two CDs image" as your poster. Sigurado - talo ka.

4. BAYANI FERNANDO - pink fences, pink urinals, and the stupid MMDA Art should be considered as grounds for electioneering.

5. FRANCISCO DUQUE III - babaha na naman ng Philhealth Cards! Mabuhay!

6. JOSEPH ACE DURANO - will you ask the services of Regine Velasquez to campaign for you?

7. PROSPERO PICHAY - what the f?!? You cannot even dislodge Joe De Venecia as Speaker of the House and here you are running for senator?

8. JUAN MIGUEL ZUBIRI - you're days as the most popular Spice Boy is OVER. There's a new and better Congress Crush ng Bayan.

9. ACE BARBERS - trying to follow the footsteps of your late father, Mr. Impeachment Traitor?

10. MIKEY ARROYO - Yuuuuuck! The worst action star of all-time wants to be a senator! Come on...the people won't even watch your films...and you're hoping that they will VOTE for you?!? Philippines, brace yourselves for HELLO GARCI PART II: THE SON ALSO RISES.

11. LITO ATIENZA - Yuuuuuck ulit! I do have a suggestion for a campaign motto: LITO AKO. LITO KA. LITO NA TAYONG LAHAT. PILIPINAS, LITONG-LITO KA NA!

12. RALPH RECTO - I thought his with the opposition line-up? Oh...I think Gringo Honasan (where is he) will not like the idea being with him during campaign sorties.

12. ANGELO REYES - this is the reason for the nationwide tree planting?

13. MIKE ENRIQUEZ - hinding-hindi ka niya tatantanan! Gloria's favorite newscaster goes to Senate...Lord save us. Is this a move to counter Korina Sanchez and the returning Loren Legarda in the opposition slate? Wow. Kapamilya versus Kapuso: 2007 Elections Edition.

I do have a person to suggest as a possible candidate in this laughable administration slate (kaya pala gusto ng ChaCha): in terms of name recall and media exposure this guy tops - VIRGILIO GARCILLANO. And his "ability" has been tried and tested." Di ba Gloria?


Anonymous said...

Ace Durano is super corrupt. eeewww.

The Purple Phoenix said...

nanalo lang naman kasi si gloria sa cebu kaya naging tourism secretary.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i thought Korina Sanchez is PGMA's favorite? I remember when she took her oath last 2001 and 2004, she always gave her first full length interview to Sanchez thinking that she is an Erap supporter. now she jumped ship?

laughtrip ang Kapamilya vs Kapuso 2007 Elections Edition

The Purple Phoenix said...

Earl - bluethehero,


Why support Gloria when your boyfriend could be a potential president?

Kapamilya vs Kapuso. Dream come true yan for me.

Presently, lamang na lamang ang Kapamilya sa political scene: Noli de Castro, Teddy Boy Locsin, Gilbert Remulla, Mon Ilagan, Francis Escudero (DZMM).

Tapos sa Kapuso, si Jay Sonza na lang ang tumakbo - TALO PA.