Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Senate Attendance

Three senators with perfect attendance
1. Franklin Drilon
2. Juan Ponce Enrile
3. Jinggoy Estrada (!)
Three senators with the most absences
1. Edgardo Angara
2. Ralph Recto
3. Ramon Magsaysay, Jr.
Let's deal with the absentees first. Jun Magsaysay has valid reason for his bad attendance - he had a surgery.
But Angara and Recto - they have no reasons at all to miss more than 20 Senate sessions.
On the other hand, our "industrious" lawmakers should receive a standing ovation (yes, including Armida's half-bro) for having a perfect attendance.
It's very rare now for a ordinary student to post a perfect attendance BUT for a pork-barrell filled senator? Wow.
And Jinggoy? Boy oh boy, Jinggoy. Holy Erap! Like what Vilma Santos said, "perfect."
By the way, all of our "industrious" senators are University of the Philippines alumni. I just want to gloat. Yes, even Jinggoy is from UP.

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