Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Top Ten Reasons why Mikey Arroyo is Trying Hard to be a Movie Star

  1. He's just continuing a time-honored tradition of presidential children entering showbiz.
  2. He has a delusional belief that his movies will save the Philippine movie industry.
  3. Movies are a great avenue for spending excess pork barrel.
  4. An acting job is a good source of extra income. If only HIS movies are EARNING.
  5. He want to be part of the "slasher" tribe. Presidential son/ governor/ businessman/ movie star/ full-time clown.
  6. Movies are a great way for meeting the ladies. Bakit si daddy lang ba ang pwedeng magkaroon ng Vicky Toh sa buhay niya?
  7. He craves attention - silverscreen attention.
  8. It's easier to handle showbiz interviews of Kris and Boy than face the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee.
  9. Showbiz rumors are way better than political rumors. It's nicer to hear that you are BEING LINKED to Maui Taylor than Sandra Cam.
  10. He wants to prove that the ACTING TALENT of a Macapagal-Arroyo is not limited to a horrible "I-am-sorry" speech.

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